Our present community is the result of three parishes coming together under the charge of one priest. St Augustine’s serves Meir, which is a large housing development on the southern edge of Stoke-on-Trent. This was joined by St Mary’s, Cresswell in 2001. St Mary’s is to the south east of Meir and situated in open countryside on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands. Then, in 2012, St Filumena’s, Caverswall became the third parish to join us to make our present community. Caverswall has a boundary with both the Meir and Cresswell parishes.

St Augustine’s parish goes back to 1934, and the building to 1957.

On the other hand, St Mary’s was built and consecrated in 1816 (according to legend, by the Parish Priest of the time personally!). Catholicism in this area never really went away after the Reformation, and St Mary’s was the first church to be built in North Staffordshire when the law was changed to permit Catholic worship.

St Filumena’s has an equally interesting history. In 1811 a community of Benedictine sisters, originally from Ghent in Belgium, settled in Caverswall Castle. In 1864 the present church of St Filumena was built for the people of the area of the present parish covering Caverswall and Weston Coyney and most of Blythe Bridge.

You may be new to our area, visiting, or perhaps are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith; whatever your reason, we invite you to visit one of our churches. We would be delighted to meet you. After all, the Good News about what Jesus has done for us is for everyone. Full details of how to contact us are provided in the Contacts section to the left, or please send an email to us.

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  2. Secondly, it provides information about us to the rest of the world.

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